Tuesday, December 20, 2016

we would

We would have had a daughter.
We would have used her as a prop in artfully-framed joke pictures
and loved her more than ourselves
more than our projects
more than we knew how to love each other.

There's nothing we couldn't have done together
no dream too audacious
the moon tied by a string to our sweet house in the mountains.


I would have stared into your glacier blue eyes until my soul burst through.
Lovers like cats, I would have licked you clean every day until we died.

Pulling off the main road to find the most romantic place to sleep,
our souls alive through flesh, I knew it the moment I saw you
that your shine could overpower me, could heal me, could erase myself
in the smell of your neck.


You would have talked me into moving to Africa
to work at a home for children
and to dance
in the courtyard
and free.


We were both like argon that came and went as is pleased
through a hole in neon signs that glowed with a thousand italicized exclamation points in a row.
Brash and self-assured brilliant, we crackled through the world
like twin teardrop flames chasing a serpentine line of gun powder across the sky.

We would have done whatever the fuck we wanted
the only way we knew how
as teardrop flames
burnt our ankles black.


You would be letting me believe I was leading as I danced you through the streets of New York,
over benches
under branches
as strangers can't help but smile
because nothing ever went wrong
and what we would have been
would be what we actually are. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

a love unbridled

I want a love unbridled
 like 1000 cosmic horses
 tearing purple rips across the sky.

I want a love like fresh
 squeezed orange juice,
 the manna of god in
 humanity with every lick
 along her thighs.

I want to taste her spit.
I want her to go for a
 run so I can smell
 her when she gets home.

I want a love that is full
 release, a tap out, silent
 screams of mercy
 every time her eyes
 lock with mine.

Love like mercury.
Love like ice
  on the tongue
  of a snake
  you want to bite you.

But also sweet.
A cornucopia of tenderness.
Sweet like she's my
  daughter and I'm her son.
Sweet like we never lost
  our puppy breath.
Sweet like she never has
   to lift anything again, unless
   she wants to, in which
   case I'll help her pick up
   the world plus two lesser solar systems.

Love like there's a part of me
 excited to watch her get
 older to see how her eyes
 still shine brightest when she sees
 me, after all we made it through.

I used to want a love that
 was like a reward
 for all my pain - a
 reparation as much
 as a unification.
I used to think love was a game.
I used to have a hole in my heart.
I used to a lot of things,
 that I'm not anymore.

Now I want a love unbridled
 like 1000 cosmic horses
 tearing golden rips
 across our shared purple canopy of sky.