Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What I've been writing lately

In case your deranged childhood, perverted heart, CEASELESS boredom, or an inexplicable sense of guilt and/or foreboding has led you to enjoying my writing, I've done a bunch of it lately. Here are some links, if that's what you're into.

From dis blog:

answers to the questions people ask me. 

The only thing more narcissistic than a personal blog is commissioning a giant oil painting of your head on the body of a silken purple puma that's riding a motor scooter along with my baby girl Kim. But it's a close call.


My New Year's resolutions for 2014. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal got into a bidding war over this one which was so fucking tiresome that I just published it here and then ate a whole thing of peanut butter in one gulp.

20 Stray Do it Ourselves Public Art Concepts for the Arts District 

Because the arts district.

the aperture and the whale 

I stole most of this one from that Clint Eastwood speech with the chair.

a blog not about when the lid flies off the blender

I heard on NPR that this is the last thing David Foster Wallace read before he killed himself.

Somebody hold me to this

You may as well not read this one. I wrote it from the bottom of the bathtub half asleep, all I could hear my mom's shouting at me to dust the blinds and 7th grade me bouncing a basketball into the tub over and over and over again.

In other news, the other night I was sleeping with a pillow between my legs. I woke up and that pillow was soooo warm and I realized, I can totally turn around and pretend this warm pillow is a person spooning me while I fall asleep. It was awesome. I'm so whole.

My last few months on AltDaily, which I'm kind of editing again:

Obama Acknowledges Marijuana Prohibition Hypocrisy, Says Weed No Worse Than Drinking

Thoughts on Guiding America toward the Revolution It Has Been Waiting For

Did you hear the one about The Pushers starting a comedy theater and improv school in the Norfolk Arts District?

Norfolk's History & Future Weaving Together: Fort Tar Lofts, on the Edge of the Arts District

Coming to the Arts District: The Parlor on Granby

It's Real this Time: Hurrah Players are Officially Coming to the Norfolk Arts District

The Texaco Building is Under Contract

Call to Artists: $10,000 Mural in the Norfolk Arts District
Your Chance to Curate a Gallery at The Chrysler

AltDaily Buy Local Only & Forever Shopping Guide

Local Guy Directs Video for Beyoncé, Named Most Legit Out of Maury Ever
There's an Ancient Ocean Underneath the Chesapeake Bay. No Biggie. 

Revels with a Cause

Interview with the Curators: Humanus Spiritus Animalus
The Magic of Mandela

How do we get more regular people to recycle?

Downtown Norfolk Scuttlebutt 

Video: Booker T. Washington Band Surprises Local Recycler

5 numbers that will make you question how America honors its veterans

The Conservative Movement and the Perversion of the Christian Ideal
Fun Timelapse of Downtown Norfolk
Freemason Rallies Around Its Small Businesses
Unsung Heroes in the Hampton Roads World of Arts & Culture

Top 10 Reasons to Come to Fight Club Tonight 

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