Wednesday, January 1, 2014


For 2014

1. care about other people's problems more than my own.

2. know that if the primary values are to be present, humble, and grateful all positive outcomes will flow from there.


4. more jokes with little sister, more good talks with big sister.

5. call mom 10x as much.

6. do yoga with eyes closed--- find the light.

7. don't be embarrassed about talking to God.

8. advocate for art that ignites a sense of wonder + whimsy in people who don't feel those things enough.

9. think about girls less. ex-girlfriends. future partners. getting laid. flirting. all of it. fuck all of it.

10. less comfort, more exploration.

11. find a way to be useful with marijuana law reform.


13. find a way to spend time with Fish, Jake, Alistair, Brown, Ronnie, Jojo, Knoxxy, Johnny, Kevin, Ken Mark Waslh, Fabi, Sundari, Beth Uriel family, Mayhew, Adam, Mikey.

14. consider being a vegan but don't do it.

15. be a more careful copy editor.

16. never get fat. never be angry or raise my voice. pay as many bills as possible. don't look like a schlub as often as possible.

17. cry more.

18. live in the eternal simultaneously with this realm.

19. but definitely make love, tho. honestly, man.

20. stop worrying about being a weirdo and just be a weirdo.

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Laura said...

Numer 7, number 7, number 7.

And 3. 3 all the way.