Monday, December 16, 2013

20 Stray Do it Ourselves Public Art Concepts for the Arts District

Got a meeting tonight to discuss potential public art projects in the Norfolk Arts District. Thought I'd share some concepts here. The goal is inexpensive projects we could initiate ourselves that would add loveliness, color, and light to the neighborhood, with a professional quality. Enjoy.

1. Street by numbers
Had this idea brainstorming with Charlie and CA. Do the outline paint-by-number style. Invite the community one day or weekend to come fill in the spaces. We were talking Wilson. Inspired in part by this:

2. Boat gardens
So Norfolk, right? This image is from here

3. Cross walks artement
I mean, right? Where this is from.

4. Top this wall
Another concept from talks with C+C Alchemy Factory. Take the city owned buildings on Olney. Post real big near the top something like: Put your art here. You can cover up other people's art, but it better be better than what they did. Nothing offensive, etc. It's a place where wheat paste in particular could thrive

5. Funky hanging mini-gardens

6. Bike in movie night
Maybe at Bob's before it's a mural. This is more of an idea for the activities committee, but wanted to mention it here. Our group could support by making posters for the event and wheatpasting them around the hood. Where this picture came from.

7. Candy Chang-type chalk wall
Was a huge hit when Logan tried this for Art | Everywhere. This one's Candy Chang, the og.

8. Community garden
I've had talks with a property owner who would be cool with this happening on their space. 

9. Street light mosaics

10. Live feeds from other arts districts
I think it'd be neat to partner up with a few other arts district. Set up a few TVs and a camera. They see us, we see them. 

11.  Facades
Those empty facade spaces above the entranceways. All canvases. 

12. Opera parking lot space art
Each parking space is a frame. Idea comes from Levesque the Younger while a student of Ms. Caro. His idea was to have Space Invaders in one, for example

13. Scavenger hunt / Fantasyland
We need to get people from the Glass Studio to Granby, right. We can make like a little fantasyland treasure map of tiny magical things to find along the way. You know, for the kids. Like this kind of weird stuff you could build plot points around. 

14. Utility boxes

15. Borrowed sculptures 
Local artists must have large scale work in storage they'd like to give some air. It'd just be up to us to secure space, deal with securing/insurance. I want this. (image |

16. Spray chalk projects
Fun stuff on the ground. Instagram your feet.

17. Alleyway hoops
Trying to think of ways to get people active in the neighborhood.

18. District map with landmarks
Giant on a wall. Could be updated as new stuff blooms. 

19. Something in the Hague by the Chrysler
Not a rubber ducky. But like a rubber ducky. Maybe floating lily pads with candles one special night.

20. Pong tournaments projected on a wall
Ethan O'Toole did this for Art | Everywhere one year. Was spectacularly fun. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

a blog not about when the lid flies off the blender

Was thinking about faith today, specifically my faith that I will fall in love again. It's the sweetest hope; a faith in the eternal is more profound, but to believe you'll love again is most like chocolate or really good French butter, a faith you want to savor.

At some point after a break-up we decide to relieve ourselves from our crowns of love. There's a certain stepping down from the throne: you are no longer her king, she no longer your queen. The crown of love becomes a crown of thorns that must be carefully untangled from the flesh. It's purpose was to remind you--to dig into your skin so you never for a moment forget--that nothing is more dangerous than love. Particularly for a man, maybe, the joy and covenant of love put survival at risk. We know we can get by on our own. We are nothing if not mammals. But to commit to protecting a clan, to willingly allow a co-pilot near the steering apparatus...

Faith is a lie without doubt. We are too intelligent of beasts to have anything but a rigorous faith. Yet, nothing is fully knowable, we know. Nothing we believe will ever be fully true or understood in all its glorious nuance. We're smart, but we ain't that smart. We know that there must be some lie within our faith. Still, living the lie of hope is the only option.