Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Solidifying in Gray

I haven't posted here since the day after my birthday in 2009.

Then recently I remembered that I like to write.

I wrote a poem today. Calling it 'Solidifying in Gray' or whatever you want. Here it is.

Solidifying in gray
Turning to ash from the inside out
Just trying to get by
Just hoping to keep up with the bills before something bad happens
The silence of a phone who's paper hasn't been paid
The way a cold shower in the winter slows the blood, brings you two clicks closer to inanimate

The world is afraid

An army of soldiers of digital dysphoria swoon with hunched shoulders, wrists aching with carpel, eyes reflecting the colorless din of the laptop

I am afraid for us

I watch us as we solidify in gray
No cause greater than our own delight
No song sung louder than the one that tells us we are stars
No taste sweeter than our own sweat

Inside us volcanoes are exploding
The storm, electric, threatens the soft tissue of our stomach lining

The ash completes us from the inside out
A passion rejected
With unblinking eyes
An adman's delight


Bruce Price said...

Jesse, you have a Master's in Ed. You're a writer, etc. You can't write who's for whose, and then not catch it on 20 subsequent readings. Worse, nobody you know is educated enough to catch it. I mention this so you'll know why I'm an education crusader. Schools have to take care of the essentials. Agree?

Kenny Woodson said...

Lookie there. Brilliant.