Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Soo... I've been working hard on my story about organic farming and self-sustenance, specifically in Ireland. I'm calling it All That Will Remain We Will Tear From The Ground With Our Fists. I am hopeful that a draft I feel okay sharing will be done in a couple weeks.

I've also been working on the proposal and manuscript for the book of advice for new teachers Alistair and I are writing. The newest look for the concept is The 86 Essential Questions New Teachers Should Be Asking.

And everyday I consider quitting it all to become a Buddhist priest of some sort. In any case, I've been saving my words for these two book projects, and thus no blog. But, for those of you who need shit to do all day other than the even shittier stuff you're paid to do, here is a list of the websites I like best. I realize that many of you are nothing more than different versions of me, so many of these will be familiar. But for all you ultra-religious Republican hunting Hummer drivers out who read my blog, there might be some sweet cherries to pick from this list.

The Go To (make sure to check out the Magazine, which you have to find on the menu to the left)

News Stories the Populace Likes the Most and I Sometimes Like:

Smart Daily Political/Social Commentary

Smart Longer Form Journalism

Finding Knicks Games Online:


Feeling Sentimental About Ex-Girlfriends

Inspiration From the Everyday Schmucks of the World

Pretty Pictures:

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