Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Lord, 'O' Magazine Readers

location Oprah

Sooooo... I was sending an email to Oprah (WHICH IS MY GOD GIVEN RIGHT) when I noticed this important message at the bottom of the web form. Before you read that, hear me now: If you have a medical emergency and your instinct is to go to and send her a message, well, I don't mind you dying. Submit away, sucker! Anyway, how little fucking respect does this woman have for her readers if she has to put this. Or-more likely-what kind of idiots are some of them.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you are seeking immediate assistance on a matter involving urgent health care, personal safety, the safety of others or any other issue requiring immediate attention, please do not use this e-mail or website. Instead, IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF AN EMERGENCY INVOLVING IMMEDIATE DANGER OR PHYSICAL HARM TO YOU OR TO ANOTHER, PLEASE CALL 911 OR YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES. If you are experiencing any other type of emergency situation with which you need assistance, please click here.. Please note that we cannot reply to all e-mails sent to us or guarantee that your e-mail will be or will be immediately read. We cannot always review every e-mail that we receive.

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