Thursday, December 18, 2008

alternate Christmas gift idea (non-joke)

location Christmas time

stats 26 (disadvantaged kids you could make happier with one small gift than you could make anyone you know happy with a big one)

pictures are of on the right is the house. on the left is a pic of the townships, where the majority of South Africans live.

Christmas shopping is the worst, right? You can get somebody what they want, but does your chubby Aunt Sadie really need any more Kit Kats? (I think not.) Or, you can get somebody what they need. But I'm not sure buying Aunt Sadie extra-support panty hose is exactly in the Christmas spirit either.

Oh Christmas miracle! Your buddy Jesse has the answer to your Christmas shopping dilemma!

So... I'm heading back to South Africa this February to do more volunteering at Beth Uriel, a home for boys and young men from the streets and townships of Cape Town. These boys come from a place of poverty unfathomable to most of us. Even in our toughest economic times we know that we will, at least, never know true hunger. We know that someone will always take us in. For these boys, being at a place like Beth Uriel, where they are fed and can sleep in peace, it is like Christmas every day. To a man they say that Beth Uriel is the best thing that ever happened to them; in fact, many will tell you it saved their life.

Just as an idea, I'd like to suggest getting your Aunt Sadie (and anyone else) a gift for the boys of Beth Uriel for Christmas. Don't you think this would make Aunt Sadie feel good, maybe even better than that after-Kit Kat-high? Unlike a lot of charities, where the bulk of your donation goes to administrators and other 'costs,' the money you donate will go straight to the boys. There is no middle man. Just your old pal Jesse.

There's two ways of doing this:
1) Donate (tax deductible) directly to Beth Uriel.

2) You can send me a check and I will make purchases for you. (Every penny.) If you make specific purchases for the boys I will make sure to send you a picture of the boy with his gift, and to also write you (and/or Aunt Sadie) a little scene about how the gift affected the individual.
Here is my address:
Jesse Scaccia
9 Bon Price Ter
St. Louis, MO 63132
(Just make the check out to me (sorry, simplest way).)

Here are how much some things cost. I'm more than happy to buy exactly what you want me to.
School uniform $30
Trip to KFC (you get bet they Love KFC if I'm giving you this figure) for entire house $60
Trip to KFC for one $4
Button down shirt for job interviews $10
Soccer boots (their favorite sport) $35
School supplies for one family member $25
Sneakers $10
Baseball hat $5
Dinner for two at a restaurant (there's no way they can afford a date on their own) $8

And, of course, if you were planning on getting me a Christmas gift, this is what I want the most.

We. Are. All Blessed.

With love,
- Jesse

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